Place of Birth: Oregon Residents - Foreign Born

The share of Oregon residents born abroad peaked in 1890 at just over 18 percent, and remained above 15 percent through 1910.

Between the 1910 and 1970 censuses the state’s foreign-born share steadily declined, reaching a low of just 3.2 percent in 1970.

After reaching a peak of 113,000 in 1910, the number of foreign-born residents also declined until 1970, and did not surpass the 1910 figure until the 1990 census.

The biggest numeric increase occurred in the 1990s, when the foreign-born population increased by about 150,000. Since 2000, Oregon has gained more than 100,000 additional foreign-born residents, reaching nearly 400,000 in 2014, about 10 percent of the state’s population.

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