Population Growth: Average Annual Growth Rate

Prior to 1910, population growth rates were higher due to the influx of in-migrants settling in the new state (Oregon attained statehood in 1859).

During most decades since 1910, Oregon's average population growth has fluctuated between just below 1 percent to just over 2 percent per year.

Population growth rates slowed a bit between 1910 and 1940, mainly due to lower immigration to the U.S. and the Great Depression.

The uptick in the average annual population growth rate in the 1940s was due to wartime manufacturing jobs.

Growth rates increased in the 1970s, and then declined in the 1980s when Oregon's economy was hurt by a recession and much slower recovery than the nation.

Average annual growth rates in the 2000s and in the first five years of the 2010s include the effects of slower population growth that occurred during the Great Recession.

It should be noted that as the population base becomes larger, adding the same number of people each year would result in a lower growth rate.

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