What is the Road to 4 Million?

Oregon has reached, and even surpassed, a milestone population of 4,000,000. We estimate the July 1, 2015 population to be 4,013,845.

This Web site explores Oregon’s demographic journey leading up to becoming the home to more than 4,000,000 residents. The Population Research Center (PRC) compiled historical and recent information, and organized it into six sections representing different topics pertaining to population and population change. Within each section on this site, there are multiple pages that display charts, graphs or maps, and include some interpretive text.

Please use the arrows on the edges of the screen’s right and left sides to move forward to view the next page within a section, or go back to the view the previous one.

The sources of the data presented on this site are the U.S. Census Bureau, Oregon Health Authority, and the Population Research Center.

The photographs on the Oregon's Road to 4 Million home page, as associated with each section, are credited to Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives